Published On: Mon, Jan 8th, 2018

This year, China will be made a satellite of Sri Lanka

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During this year, satellite channels will be issued to countries including Sri Lanka from China. In addition to Sri Lanka, the satellite will be offered to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt and some companies.

These services are expected to be channeled through these satellites to meet maritime observation needs such as marine observation, weather, mobile check, Earth observation and telecommunications.

In addition, these satellite services will be available to many companies including GomSpace, Satellogic, Changguang (Jilin), SpaceTY, Kepler Commuications, SuperView (Ganojing).

This year, China plans to launch its launch satellite. The United States has made the most space launches in 2017, and the 29 launches have been successful. Russia made 19 of its campaigns successful, while China was third. It has been revealed that this year will be a change in the situation.

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This year, China will be made a satellite of Sri Lanka