Published On: Fri, Dec 1st, 2017

Sampath Bank launches robotic banking service

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Sampath Bank, the pioneer in introducing many innovative technical empowerments for the Sri Lankan banking industry, recently launched its new digital-to-service ‘Rootboxing’ service. It is obvious that Sampath has set a step further in introducing the first robotic banking service in Sri Lanka. With the help of artificial intelligence, the Sampath Bank’s robotic banking service is an important milestone in Sri Lankan banking, by talking to the customer, identifying customer needs and responding immediately.

From its inception, Sampath Bank’s main objective was to provide its customers with the utmost convenience in banking and to provide an uninterrupted banking experience. Sampath Bank has empowered its banking services through digital technology.

This robot banking service raises customers awareness of how to withdraw money, check balance, exchange rates, interest rates, credit and credit card information, and open an account. The Bank’s banking services can now be understood in English with the customer and the customer can understand what is said in the English language. Sampath Bank plans to use it in Sinhala and Tamil in the future.

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Sampath Bank launches robotic banking service