Published On: Tue, Nov 21st, 2017

A new National Export Strategy is being prepared

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The Government has taken steps to improve the business landscape of Sri Lanka. Development strategy and International Trade Minister Malik Samarawickrama said that a new national export strategy will be formulated.

The minister stated in Parliament today (20) that he participated in the debate on the development strategies and the Ministry of International Trade.

A progressive budget has been presented. We have paid attention to open our country to the world. Our government has directed itself towards foreign direct investments rather than spending on domestic infrastructure.

We need private sector for this economic growth. 99 percent are small and medium enterprises.

They need to build confidence that entrepreneurs will create a good environment. Our Ministry has drawn attention to the development of these sectors. We hope to call for an encouragement, annoyance and free trade. The bilateral agreements are important. We have to admit. India has a rapidly growing economy. It is very successful. We can handle 400 million transactions in the field of harvesting. The Free Trade Agreement with Singapore is scheduled to be signed in January 2018.

Sri Lanka’s investment is growing. We have decided to make a decision. We are preparing a program to attract investment committee. In 2018 we have taken steps to register the company in one day. Construction costs will be reduced. It is important to diversify and service our economy. We will work to improve our new export and investment fields and formulate a new national export strategy. Sri Lanka can be admitted to various international agreements to be accepted by the international community. Action plans are designed for every aspect. There were agreements on trade and investment with Australia.

The people of this country are enjoying Gen. Fonseka’s enjoyment. Creating new economic sectors will enable us to create new employment opportunities. The Minister also said that Sri Lanka can access the world’s value chain.

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A new National Export Strategy is being prepared