Published On: Thu, Sep 21st, 2017

New work from J.D.C. Printing Technologies

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J.D.C., the world’s best selling brand in the printing industry Printing Technologies is one of the leading printing companies in Sri Lanka and has been in the forefront of leading Sri Lankan printing machinery and raw material sales over the past 35 years.

The company has been producing various products including Komori, HP Indigo, Konika Minolta, Horizon, Bobst, CX-rite, Trelleborg, Dong Yang, DSC and Tesa.

Many services are provided. JDC recently appointed Riso Comcolor FW and GD as the Brand Sales Representative, the world’s fastest-speed Comcolor GD 9630 Inkjet Digital Printing Machine, powered by Force Jet. The printer and its technology were launched at the Colombo Hilton last week.

The Riso Comcolor GD GD 9630 printer is a production of Riso, Japan, capable of printing 160 A4 paper in one minute. This new machine is capable of recreating professional level colors and can be used for VDP printing and office printing.

The Riso Comcolor GD 9630 also features the addition of gray to the printing process. This can be highly re-created with pastel colors and glass ton printing. The improved color also enhances the high quality black color and magenta color because of its improved color.

JDC AG’s Assistant General Manager Udaya Hettiarachchi said that the printer has the capability of obtaining higher-quality prints than previously imported inkjet printers and that this is a huge increase.

The new comcolor GD has its own GD1 administrator, which can serve two alternative administrators. It has a PS mounted device that makes it possible to perform a postcript RIP, which makes this machine available for Microsoft windows applemac and Linux. Also, it is also appropriate to use mobile pen drives and PDF prints on a drive in the drive. comcolor express ps 2000c makes it easy to make copies (EFI) because it’s made with electronic and digital technology. Furthermore, Rizzo manufacturers say that this photomachine is also suitable for complex printing from simple printing activities. This machine has a specific patent for forcejet technology.

This machine also uses low latency due to low temperatures. Nawaloka Group Chairman Jayantha Dharmadasa, Chairman of JDC Group of Companies, JKH Group Assistant General Manager Udaya Hettiarachchi and officials from Japan’s Rizzo participated at this launch.

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New work from J.D.C. Printing Technologies