Published On: Tue, Sep 19th, 2017

Biggest Wolf, the world’s largest book exhibition, will be in Colombo next month

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Big Bad Wolf Books, the world’s largest library of books, will be held from 5th to 15th of October at the Colombo Exhibition and Convention Center. The event was organized by the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd. The book titled ‘Big Bad Wolf Books’ was launched under the patronage of Mr. Nishan Wasalathanthri, Director and ProRead Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd., the founder and Managing Director of Andrew Yap.

The specialty of selling these books is that it is open 24 hours. The users will be allowed to continue reading books for 11 days continuously. The sale of these books is scheduled to be opened for 255 hours. This will not make it an issue for any old person to choose the right choice of books. Special discounts from 60% to 80% can be obtained from the latest English book. A number of new English books of high quality are expected to be marketed. The sale of these books is in line with the intention of getting the reader to buy good books at a lower price. It is also an added promise of enhancing English knowledge and reading the Sri Lankan language.

The opportunity of being able to buy multiple books under the same roof at the lowest price is the best occasion. Over 1.5 million books of various shirans, including 20,000 English books from around the world, will be sold. Fiction, Fiction, Nonfamilies, Literature, Cooking, Children’s Books, and the Educational Book for Parents, Teachers and Children. It is a great opportunity for book collectors who have very rare limited copies. The local bookstore sales people will also be given the opportunity to sell the DVD and Blu-Ray Movies.

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Biggest Wolf, the world’s largest book exhibition, will be in Colombo next month