Published On: Sat, Sep 9th, 2017

Established a Sri Lanka in the development of the country’s harbors – the Prime Minister

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that the development of the Hambantota port as the largest port in the Indian Ocean and the second largest port in Trincomalee would be further improved.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the Singapore port could be developed by developing these three harbors as well as reaching the development of Sri Lanka. Countries from Iran to Australia could become countries of the world in the next 30 years, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka made this observation at the launching ceremony of the ship building ceremony at the shipyard in Colombo.

The following is the story of the Prime Minister.

“Today, the construction of this ship is one step towards strengthening the economy of the country, we have the capacity to build a ton of tons of cargo, and the export-oriented manufacturing economy was largely confined to the apparel sector, Only for tires, this is a good condition, but no country should be limited to one sector The promotion must be given to the other sectors.

This program, which begins with the shipbuilding sector, shows that this program is being implemented. You have been able to do this with your own skill and intelligence. Moreover, GSP plus tariff concessions have enabled us to export about six thousand of our products to Europe. However, although six commodities have been exported, we have not been able to export even sixty chips. Therefore, we should plan for the export of three hundred and four hundred items quickly. This enables us to solve our foreign exchange problem.

We hope to improve not only the productive products but also the fishing industry. As a small country, exports should be developed to counteract the current economic crisis. Our main objective is to broaden these exports.

When we took this country we were unable to pay the debt. The then government started an election because it was not possible to pay the loans. When we took over this country at the time, many said that the government was unable to maintain the government for a year. Similarly, a situation has arisen which has to be paid to our generations for such generations. However, we have been able to limit the burden of debt. We have to pay the maximum amount of money only for another two years. We will be able to stabilize the country by the end of the two years and by 2025 we will be able to bring the economy to normal.

But, in the two years, we have to increase our investment in the country. We were able to increase the salaries of public servants by ten thousand rupees. Similarly, the salaries of private sector employees were also increased. Rs. 20,000 allowance for pregnant mothers and assistance for the construction of 200,000 houses have been provided. According to the available statistics, we have created about four lakhs of income earners through direct and indirect, formal and informal sectors. In the past two and a half years, we have done this by winning the confidence of the economy.

In future, a larger program will be launched. Hence, we hope to make a great progress from Kandy to Wellawaya. With the assistance of the Japanese Government, the city of Kandy will be developed, the development of industrial zones for the North Western Province, the development of tourism industry, the development of the Western Province and the commencement of big industrial zones in the Kalutara district. The program includes the creation of a new economy in Matara, Hambantota and Moneragala, killing the high income tourist zones of Hambantota and Hambantota port and airport.

At the same time plans are being made to develop Trincomalee with the assistance of Singapore. We want to make Sri Lanka the hub of the Indian Ocean. Airlines and ships must arrive. We have to develop our ports and airports. We can not do this alone. We will not have the necessary investment and knowledge for this purpose. We do not have connections with foreign ships and airlines. Therefore, collecting foreigners should be done.

When we carry out this work, some people are accusing us of selling our country. The allegations that the country is actually sold is allegations that a paper boat could never be recovered.

A ship of over 5 tons is being built in Colombo’s ships and sold to foreign countries. That means we are selling the country, or selling a ship and earning income. Our country is in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Manamma, Parākramabāhu, Parakramabahu VI of the Sixth, and not only the kings, also benefited from the location of our country. So why can not we benefit from the location of the country? We need to improve it. When we develop as the largest port in the Indian Ocean, we can export goods to India, India’s western and eastern ports, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Also, the goods passing through the African continent can transport goods from China and Japan and from Europe to the other

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Established a Sri Lanka in the development of the country’s harbors – the Prime Minister