Published On: Thu, Sep 7th, 2017

SriLankan is another remarkable achievement for the catering sector

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SriLankan Catering, the national carrier of Sri Lanka, has won several accolades at the National Culinary Exposition for its glorious victory. The Sri Lankan Catering Sector chefs showcased their talents and skills in their respective competitions, winning a total of 29 medals including 7 gold medals, 10 silver medals and 12 bronze medals. The 17th Annual Culinary Competition organized by the Chefs Guild of Sri Lanka was held recently in Colombo.

Over 165 hotels from 165 hotels and restaurants have competed in 34 categories. This is the largest food competition in Asia, where judges of the World Waste Management Council (WACS) This was organized by the Sri Lanka Chefs Forum affiliated to WACS every two years. This is a platform for the culinary art to compete in the world-wide culinary cricket, the Culinary World Cup.

SriLankan Catering, Executive Director, said, “Once again, our team has demonstrated exceptional talent. He further stated that winning the medals of the 24 members of the team were given to the other hotels in the island and a number of chefs in the restaurant industry. SriLankan Catering has been serving as the industry’s highest standards of excellence in its cuisine and innovation, airlines and restaurant owners, he said.

The Airline’s Katunayake International Airport’s Katunayake International Airport which serves the national carrier at the Katunayake International Airport last month and has provided 25,000 meals a day for other renowned airlines daily services, he further added.

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SriLankan is another remarkable achievement for the catering sector