Published On: Mon, Sep 4th, 2017

Asian Sevens Rugby Tournament

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The Asian Sevens Rugby Sevens will be played in Hong Kong on Saturday at the King’s Park grounds, Colombo.

The match will be played in Sri Lanka between 11.00am and 11.00pm. Sri Lanka will face Sri Lanka in Chinese Taipei and South Korea in the ‘B’ round. Sri Lanka will play against Chinese Taipei at 1.30 pm and then will play against South Korea at 4.22 pm.

The second leg will be played on the 23rd and 24st of the Hong Kong Tournament starting on October 14 and the final stage will be held on October 14 and 15 at the Colombo Racecourt. The winners and runner-ups will qualify to enter the Seven-Sevens Rugby Sevens next year. .

The Sri Lankan team, led by Sudharshan Muthuthanthri who came into the country two days ago, have entered into the tournament with the strongest rugby team in Asia.

As many senior players did not enter due to disabilities, Muthuthanthi’s only hope for the tournament with some of the junior players was to finish the preliminary round and to reach the semi-finals of the tournament tomorrow.

The teams from the fourth place will compete in the third place with the third place in the group stage, while the other teams will take part in the group stage. The group will comprise teams from Japan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and South Korea need to get together in the semi-finals Qualifying raised.

Therefore, Sri Lanka has a good background to qualify for the semi-finals of the trophy.

Both Sri Lanka and host Hong Kong will compete with five new players today. Hong Kong, who won the Asian Sevens Rugby Entry 2010 Championship, last year held a training session with their coach Paul John in Germany.

The two new players will be the youngsters of Hugo Stiles, Seb Brien and Fong Kit-fung, who played for the Asian Under-20 Asian Rugby Tournament for the first time.

Although many senior players in the Sri Lanka team are not due to injury, the senior players of Hong Kong have quit the team for personal reasons.

Max Woodward and Lee Ka-to both played Japan’s professional sport, and the McQueen brothers, the two brothers, are in Australia’s pilot training program.

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Asian Sevens Rugby Tournament