Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

Seylan Bank’s Best Digital Compact Project

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SLT ZeroOne (SLT 01) recently hosted the first ever digital awards ceremony in Sri Lanka. Seylan Bank PLC was adjudged the winner of the Best Digital Compact Award of the year for Seylan Office Challenge.

Seylan Bank’s reward for this award has been a refinement of the Seylan Bank’s digital excellence over the years. Three approaches applied for by the best digital products or services category were selected for the final round and Seylan Bank’s nominees for the best website ranked among the participating organizations.

Seylan Office Challenge is a challenging project targeting Seylan Bank employees in various agencies.

It was a specialty that employees of different institutions compete with groups of people using office equipment under a traditional office environment.

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Seylan Bank’s Best Digital Compact Project