Published On: Sat, Aug 12th, 2017

TAB for Advanced Level students and teachers

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The school term is to commence at the beginning of the school year, for providing computers and computer labs for Advanced Level students and teachers, and for each student receiving a sum of Rs. 200,000. This is part of the last budget proposal. Tabs are to be given to 28000 teachers and 175,000 A / L students for the duration of the pilot project.

These tablets, which provide students with subject texts, can not use Dongal through the use of internet, and only WIP applications can be used by the Ministry of Education only. The Ministry of Education wishes to make the modernization of the Education Website of the Ministry of Education on the official website of the ministry of education on updating the necessary lessons and educational programs.

The National Education Institute (NIE) and a committee of experts have been appointed for this purpose. In line with this, the Ministry of Education hopes to provide all schools with internet facilities as well as wifi facilities and continue to implement computer test boards. A computer official said the computer will not be returned to the computer and ultimately it will be maintained by the students.

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TAB for Advanced Level students and teachers