Published On: Thu, Jul 27th, 2017

Apollo Cycling Motor tyre in Sri Lanka

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Apollo Tire Company, the tire giant with a combined revenue of nearly two billion US dollars each year, has been able to offer all kinds of tire products to the Sri Lankan market with the introduction of motorcycles.

Apparently, the brand Apollo Motor Tire products were presented to their customers and business partners by Mr. Rajesh Thiheiah, Ideal Wheels and Apollo Tires Company (India, South Asia and Australia) and Jagath Samarasekara, CEO of Tires (Pvt) Ltd.

Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Thus Apollo Company decided to provide its services to the motorcycle market between 250,000 and 300,000 annually. About 20% of Apolo’s exports to South Asia are now in Sri Lanka.

Apparently Sri Lanka’s roads are very similar to Indian roads, making Apollo very attractive in various types of tires. The Apollo Showroom, operating out of the Ideal Wheels and Tires Company, is located in the Galle City Super Commercial Zone, Colombo.

Commenting on the products, Mr. Satish Sharma, Chairman, Asia Pacific Region, Asia Pacific Region, Asia Pacific Region, Asia Pacific said, “Sri Lanka is now one of the highest performing economies, with 150% of foreign direct investment in the country in 2016. We think. Our focus is on the growing automobile market, especially in motorcycles. We are also taking advantage of our Indian experience in tire, service and training to enable our vehicle owners to maximize the efficiency of their cars. ”

Apollo is the only distributor for Ideal Wheels and Tires Company in Sri Lanka, Nalin Welgama, the former Chairman of Sri Lanka Cricket, Aravinda de Silva. Jagath Samarasekara, Chief Executive Officer, Daily Life Operations.

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Apollo Cycling Motor tyre in Sri Lanka