Published On: Fri, Jul 21st, 2017

CSE drops for the fifth consecutive day

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The All Share Price Index (ASPI) was 6,669.51 at the end of the day with the value of 14.96 points compared to the previous day. The S & P SL20 was down 18.03 points from 3,819.23 points a day.

516.91 million was recorded during the day, with the co-operation of local and foreign investors. Local purchases totaled Rs. 235.18 million and the local sales were Rs. 241.22 million. Foreign buying was recorded at Rs 281.58 million and foreign sales amounting to Rs 275.54 million.

The highlight of this week was the continuing continuation of the stock market price indices for the 5-day deal per week. At the beginning of the week, the All Share Price Index (ASPI) of 6,766.14 was at 6,669.51 points at the end of the week. This is a decrease of 96.53 points (1.43%) in the week.

However, this week saw an increase in the turnover compared to the previous week. Turnover of Rs 3.66 billion to Rs. 4.2 billion has been increased. Local purchases of Rs. 1.86 billion from Rs. 1.61 billion, while local sales volumes of Rs. 2.44 billion from Rs. 2.89 billion. Foreign purchases during the week at Rs. 1.97 billion from Rs. 2.67 billion and foreign sales Rs. 1.21 billion to Rs. 1.39 billion.

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CSE drops for the fifth consecutive day