Published On: Wed, Jul 12th, 2017

People’s Leasing – Senok leasing partnership

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People’s Leasing & Finance PLC, Sri Lanka’s non-bank financial institution has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Senok Commercial Motor Company Limited for a special leasing package.

This MoU with the Indian authorized Volvo Eicher vehicle company Senok Commercial Batteries is being launched to 31st December 2017. People’s Leasing and People’s Leasing and Finance PLC, signing the MoU between Memorandum of Understanding between People’s Leasing and Senok Commercial. Kumarage, Deputy General Manager (Operations) Lionel Fernando, Deputy General Manager (Operations) Laksanda Gunawardena and senior management of Senok Commercial.

Under the leasing partnership, all brands of Volvo Eicher A / C for unlisted and unloaded trucks, 5,000, 20,000 and 40,000 free full services and a vehicle voucher worth Rs. 35,000 for vehicles transporting schoolchildren (document submission). In addition SENOK Leasing company providing leasing to 5 years, depending on the customer’s payment and a free tank of fuel filling vehicle ganudenukaruvāhaṭa delivery is done under the agreement reached with the company.

Leasing company began in 1995 as the largest state bank, the People’s Bank subsidiary from Fitch Ratings Lanka domestic credit ratings AA- (lka) is highest rated finance company. People’s Leasing has also been adjudged the only Finance Company in the world to receive two of the same international rankings as well as the most credible financial instruments in Asia.

Its specialized financial services and leasing, fixed deposits, savings accounts, personal and business loans, credit feasibility (Factoring), margin trading (Margin Trading) and Islamic finance, and People’s Insurance, People mayikrofinǣns, Leasing Property Development, Leasing Fleet Management and People’s Leasing Havelock Properties are its affiliates.

People’s Leasing & Finance PLC has been in the forefront of providing financial services to all customers at a single location.

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People’s Leasing – Senok leasing partnership