Published On: Sun, Jun 4th, 2017

Auto driving the world’s first race car

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The output of the robot car began broadcasting in 2016, the company producing the robot cars chassis Kinetik Tron-Legacy, Oblivion and Hollywood films vehicle design has been completed by Danny Simon.

Mitchell tire company and provider of Nvidia by internal computer units are built. This has the ability to run faster than 300 kilometers per hour.

Formula 1 racing cars you used to watch races from the specially crafted watch Formula E race this year. The tournament will be added to the history as the first driver not racing championship riders throughout the 20-hour ROBOTS.

All teams participating in the same game, but the car’s Artificial Intelligence Technology and through instant computer Real-time computer algorithm from each team as they get their freedom to their severe performance cars.

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Auto driving the world’s first race car