Published On: Tue, Apr 18th, 2017

Australia replace 457 temporary work visa new law

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Foreign workers come to work on the skills (Skilled Workers) to the Australian government that the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull immediate abolition of visa policy had been presented so far today, 457 (18), a statement said.

457 visa program to a temporary work visa (Temporary work visas) was awarded to the skills of the visa yet to have undertaken a period of 4 years to pursue a wholly foreign workers to come to Australia jobs.

The company in Australia to bring the foreign worker must obtain the sponsor was to ensure that no persons entitled to permanent residence or citizens in Australia to provide workers for their service company.

The new visa policy that has two forms.

The training for a work visa prior work experience is required. The visa high English skills necessary to provide a record of the history will be mandatory for the crimes.

However, under the 457 visa program for foreign workers that do not affect the law forces serving in Australia, the Australian Prime Minister says.

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Australia replace 457 temporary work visa new law