Published On: Sun, Apr 9th, 2017

New Mobitel Chief Executive Officer Nalin Perera

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The pioneer of expanding mobile phone service in the country, Nalin Perera has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer since April 01, Mobitel Pvt. Professional experience, he served as CEO of Mobitel Mobitel Chief Operating Officer prior to the appointment the position for almost three decades, the mobile phone industry has been skilled, experienced officer ..

2001, Mobitel, Nalin Perera in collaboration with the General Manager, Marketing, respectively, after starting with the post positions and Mobitel Senior General Manager Sales and Customer Contact Senior General was gradually coming up corporate hierarchy. Mobitel has claimed responsibility for the post of chief operating officer once in 2015 marked another milestone as the Chief Marketing Officer of Mobitel, Nalin Perera followed his career.

Considering the dedication of his experience in using the corporate to progress as a veteran in the field of iṭukirīmat many tasks crucial to become a leader in one of Mobitel name market range, mobile phones services and facilities available in the country to offer to Mobitel led Mr. Mobitel management decision Oṭa is.

He led the development of Mobitel, the transfer of products services, human resources management, including the management of a number of objectives has been the most successful confidence level and comply with the mobile telephony sector in Mr. sent.It is looking to consolidate the Mobitel using expertise.

On several occasions, the uplifting of Mobitel, Nalin Perera, both locally and internationally, and has been able to give the award for officer’s Mobitel. In addition, several international and local business and dealing with the Nalin Perera’s first mobile phone service and throwing at the company and in 1989, the year that the country’s first mobile phone launch event.

Also he has been appointed to the duties of countries Millicom subsidiary Celltel and held phones industry has an Nalin Perera market development executive as after a short time and Marketing General Manager as the top visited, and the Management of the Philippines and .On A win.

In addition, the country has made a revolutionary change in the industry by introducing the concept of pre-paid mobile phones industry that has become the person that it was the pioneer in bringing the mission to a growth rate of mobile telephone services in Sri Lanka.

Then he’s mobile service and other services and facilities have been introduced to the key concepts of the value added services and business solutions place.

Post Degree from the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing, Nalin Perera seller and he is also a graduate of the Master of Business Studies from the University of Colombo

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New Mobitel Chief Executive Officer Nalin Perera