Published On: Thu, Mar 23rd, 2017

Pakistan 77th National Day celebrated in Colombo

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Pakistan’s 77 th National Day was held today at the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo.

The ceremony, Pakistan and Sri Lanka global civilizations global strategic junctions and road seda commercial and cultural Located Pakistani High Commission that Major General (R) sayidh Shakila Hussein said he reminded.

He has been primarily attributed to further promote the importance of both countries to mark the cultural and decent.

Moreover, the date of 23 March 1940, is the most important day in the history of Pakistan. Dīpākistānaya like the idea of ​​one day dawns, and the target of political lænīmaṭa independent motherland for the Muslims of South Asia, he said the day of the High Commissioner told.

He said here that our great forefathers huge commitment and effort in 1947 as a result of Pakistan August 14 to enjoy an independent national state.

State officials and the people of the two countries dvipārśvikasambandhatā higher supported by strengthening cultural exchanges between the two countries have diplomatic relations, politics, commerce, defense relations through bilateral relations that are pravardhanayavemin High Commission here said.

Government of Pakistan are providing patronage for social sector development in Sri Lanka, drinking water supply projects, computer training centers, schools, construction, hospital construction, housing for IDPs construction, improve the health of rural areas & Deep Sri Lankan students for here the Prophet declared that the Commission, which includes some of the vyapṛtīnvalaṭa providing scholarships.

The national anthem was played, the Pakistan national flag raised by the High Commissioner of the Prophet while. The Pakistani President and Prime Minister of the mahātvarængē prakāśaṣayaṭa messages were appointed to the participants.

The High Commissioner for National Day cake Major General (R) Zaid Hussein śakis Sriamerican was cut. Pakistani community at the ceremony, Sri Lankan people of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, members of the business association, union members friendly to Pakistan, Sri Lanka and many media personnel were also present during the ceremony.

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Pakistan 77th National Day celebrated in Colombo