Published On: Tue, Mar 7th, 2017

The latest film -Vidya Balan ‘Begum Jaan’ Coming Soon..

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The latest film of the popular Bollywood actress Vidya Balan in the lead roles Begum Jaan first poster has been issued.

Śrijit Mukherjee directed by Mahesh and Mukesh of Begum Jaan film production racers.

And thereby the character Balan owns the main role of the film brothel.

In addition nasīrudīn Vidya Shah, gauhār Khan, Vivek mushriks, canki Pandey, catergory Kapoor, Priyanka seṣiyā, Rajesh Sharma and actors
Crystal has acted in the film.

Indian media said the director, Begum Jaan, she had no other actress her first choice for the lead role, she
As she believes that she is not due to be selected into the character justice.

Shoot the film has been made in several places prantayē several places in Delhi and Bihar.

The film will be screened on April 14.

The film is about the lives of people in work is represented in the film during the years that India won independence in 1947.

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The latest film -Vidya Balan ‘Begum Jaan’ Coming Soon..