Jan 11, 2018 admin
Japan promotes Sri Lankan athletes
Japan is keen to support Sri Lanka's sporting achievements. President of the Japan-Sri Lanka Friendship League, Wataru Takeshita, MP of the Japan-Sri Lanka Friendship League, stated in Colombo on Tuesday (9) that the Japanese people will be ready to watch the Sri Lankan athletes at the next Olympic Games in Japan in 2020.

Speaking to the Japanese Friendship Sri Lanka Association of Socialists, he expressed these views.

Japan is preparing preparations for the 2020 Olympic Games. Japan hopes to welcome the Sri Lankan athletes who are very talented. Japan will also provide training to talented athletes in Japan. Japan is ready to provide the necessary resources. Proper training in Sri Lankan sportspeople is a great opportunity for them to win a set of victories, "said Thakezita.
"Sri Lanka is a good friend of Japan. Sri Lanka has made great sacrifices on behalf of our country. In particular, the statement made at the San Francisco Conference in June 1951 caused peace and harmony. Therefore, as a Government, we will not hesitate to support Sri Lanka, "he added.

Japan's people are well acquainted with the spectacular performances of Sri Lankan athletes in the international arena, he said.

"If you grow that talent, Sri Lankan athletes will not be able to win the world anymore. Therefore, the Government of Japan is always ready to assist Sri Lanka. Now, the implementation of the Indo-Pacific Strategic Action has made another important moment for Sri Lanka. This will bring many benefits to Sri Lanka in the future, "Mr. Tachetta said.