Jan 08, 2018 admin
SLT Broadband customers get digital gift from New Year
The nation's leading digital service provider and Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), Sri Lanka's number one wireless broadband network operator, will offer their Internet users an ease-of-use connection to the dawn of New Year. Therefore, SLT Broadband customers will be able to surf the New Year's Eve on a totally free Internet basis. According to this special offer, any SLT Broadband subscriber can use the internet for free within any 24 hours on January 1, 2018 without any charges or tapes.

With this offer, SLT Broadband customers will be able to meet any of their online requirements, including Social Media, Audio-Visual (Audio-Video *, Online Games, Online Shopping, New Year's Day).
With the dawn of the New Year, SLT has launched this free Internet Wake-Up Day with the help of friends and relatives who share their joyful lives and enhance their friendship. On the other hand, it rewards all of its most valuable customers simultaneously. SLT Broadband Internet Service Provider (Fiber, ADSL and LTE) will be available to all SLT's high speed broadband facility from January 12, 2012, from 12 am to midnight (24 hours per hour, 0.00 pm to 23.59 pm) with their loved ones. This offer is available.

SLT Broadband is undoubtedly the No. 1 winner amongst all the nationwide internet services, the highest ever priced, affordable and affordable price. It offers an incredible offer throughout the year with more than 2,000 Gbyte gifts per month. The 100Mbps speeds can be used simultaneously with a variety of high-speed devices, even with the ever-growing digital needs of digital cameras. SLT Broadband Industries has the opportunity to experience the country's wide Fiber Optics high speed internet connection.