Jan 04, 2018 admin
A $ 5,000 million bond issue this year
According to the Appropriations Act No. 30 of 2017 the maximum estimated government borrowing is estimated at Rs. 1,893 billion. Of this amount, Rs 1,150 billion is to be repaid, 743 billion rupees will be used for development projects and other expenses.

It is expected to obtain Rs. 1,313 billion from domestic debt sources and Rs. 580 billion from foreign debt sources. It is expected to obtain loans from local sources such as proposed loans, Treasury bonds and Sri Lanka Development Bonds.

Accordingly, it is planned to obtain US $ 3,000 million (approximately Rs. 456 billion) through the issuance of Sri Lanka Development Bonds in 2018 and to issue a bond under the supervision of the Central Bank.
In addition, the proposal made by Finance and Planning Minister Mangala Samaraweera to proceed with the necessary steps to be taken to issue international sovereignty bonds in the amount of approximate amount of US $ 2,000 million within the approved credit ceilings for the year 2018 was approved by the Cabinet. .