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A comfortable, efficient, reliable service for your movements
With the advent of technology, the everyday needs of everyday life can now be mobilized. This technology has now come to a great place in the field of the highly competitive business taxi service. This makes the customer conveniently able to get a vehicle for him in just a few minutes. A cost-effective, credible, secure, professional service, identification of the car's path, and the ability to identify the shortest and easiest way makes it possible to get taxi services through mobile apps, in the cities and suburbs Most popular.

However, the absence of such facility for outsiders is a fundamental problem in this field. Global (Pvt) Ltd. is designed to provide the most reliable and efficient taxis service that accurately identifies this problem and is island-wide. Today, we are proud to announce the launch of's latest taxi service.
The basic requirement for this service is only an internet connection with a smartphone. Through the downloading of TaxiService via mobile to the Google Play Store or Apple Store, he is able to choose the right vehicle for himself according to the requirements of the customer. Not only that, it is also possible to record a destination. The selected vehicle can also be viewed through the map at the exact location and the route to which they are located at that time.

The customer will be able to observe the shortest and easiest way to go to the destination. Accordingly, short-distance routes can be easily identified within an area unknown to them, and can be reached at the destination. provides customers with a high quality professional service and customer experience. is also responsible for the transformation of the driving license into a highly reputable profession as a career-free job. has a special concession as the fee is always fixed as a stable cost system. This allows customers to make a more reliable transaction than normal or taxis.
Lucian Pushparage of the 51st Asian Bodybuilding Championship held in South Korea won a gold medal.

Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara believes that the number of medals in the Games can be won at international sports events in 2018 according to current sports development programs and infrastructure development.

The 2018 Commonwealth Games, the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and the Jakarta State Games in Jakarta, are the two most important competitions for the Sri Lankan athletes.