Nov 20, 2017 admin
Huawei 2i in Sri Lanka
Huawei's ultra-high-tech technology makes it very important to remember memories, and this new smartphone comes with four cameras. The front two cameras feature 13MP front-facing cameras, two rear-facing cameras and 16MP plus 2MP flash support.

The front and rear cameras of Huawei's new 2i come with a bokeh technology, a popular photo-based designer. This makes it very crisp and vibrant.

Huawei's new 2i comes with a beautiful look and finish. The four ends have a round shape and gives the user the convenience and best look. With a 5.9-inch screen, this smartphone comes with a handheld smartphone. The Smartphone is a high-quality HD view that lets you enjoy social media, videos, reads, games and online usage.

Shunly Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Smartphones Sri Lanka said, this new introduction is a novel moment for Sri Lankan consumers and a new chapter in their life. Huawei will continue to bring in the best in terms of customer convenience and bring in all the best in Sri Lanka, "he said.