Nov 12, 2017 admin
Here are the rising and reducing prices of cars from the 2018 budget
According to the new Taxpayer Tax Advances of the 2018 budget, the pending price of motor cars has been announced by the International Auditing Company (IMS).

Toyota Aceo, Aqua, Honda Vezel and Grace will be increased by around 750,000 rupees, the Automobile Importers' Association said.

According to Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera yesterday (10), the prices for these vehicles have changed according to the 2018 budget statement.
Meanwhile, Nishan Ax Trail, Mitsubishi Outlook and Toyota Prius will be increased by Rs 10 lakhs, while Toyota Preimbo and Alioane will be able to increase up to Rs 2 lakhs, its chairman Arjuna Peiris said.

Meanwhile, Toyota Prado has been increased by Rs. 75 lakhs while Land servers have increased by Rs. 125 lakhs.

The Nissan Leaf has been down by one million rupees while Suzuki Wagner and Toyota High Waters have been reduced by 400,000 units.

The new rates have been raised in estimated vehicles.
Toyota Aqua / Axio & Honda Vezel - Rs.745,000

Mitsubishi Montero - Rs.12,800.00

Mercedes Benz - Rs.1M

Toyota Allion - Rs.895,000

Toyota Premio & Nissan X-Trail - Rs.995,000