Nov 09, 2017 admin
A new bank to borrow without bonds
In the past, it was the intention of rebuilding an entrepreneurial paradise in Sri Lanka, according to the Minister of Finance.

He said that every Sri Lankan would be a part of Enterpris if Sri Lanka is a partner in the development of the country's economy.

The Finance Minister said that the backbone of the economy should be small and medium enterprises.
Such businessmen are making a big mistake because of the bottlenecks of capital, and the government's intention is not to bail out and stop any businessman from obtaining loans.

A new development bank with import and export divisions will be set up, the Finance Minister said. This will provide long-term loans to private sector businessmen. The Bank has been able to start Rs. 10,000 will be allocated from the budget, the minister said.

The Government of Sri Lanka for the Enert Rs. 750 million was allocated, he said.