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Rs. 50 million for the development of economic centers
Minister of Economic Development P.Herrison said legal action will be taken against the manager in order to resolve the issue of sanitation in Dambulla economic center as soon as possible.

Speaking at a recent meeting held at the ministry auditorium on the progress of development activities and future development activities at specific economic centers Minister said:
Discussions were held on the development activities carried out with the Ministry grants and the Economic Center Management. Particular attention was paid to the shortcomings and problems that exist in the economic centers.

The minister also instructed the officials to take necessary measures to resolve the water crisis in the Dambulla economic center.

Commenting on the water problem at the Dambulla Economic Center, the Dambulla Economic Center goes daily. From the media. About the toilet system. This can not be solved. The tap will be broken. There is no interest in the disposal system. I got a toilet and a business .I went and checked for myself. If the toilets have been tendered, then the tender should be paid if the tender is to be sure. The Tenderer should be held responsible if money is used for toilets. Look at it carefully, quickly fix it. Or manager, we will make a decision about you. "He said.

The minister also consulted the Dambulla divisional secretary. Accordingly, instructions were given to the officials of the ministry to solve the problem of the toilets and to act within this week.

Rs. 50 million has been allocated for development activities in the economic centers countrywide.
These funds have been allocated for the development of infrastructure facilities at economic centers. The Ministry hopes to provide the opportunity for the farmers to obtain a fair price for their products and to obtain food at reasonable prices.

According to the government estimates, the officials were advised to take steps to recover hired goods from traders who are not paid taxes and the non-payment would be an annuity to tax paying merchants.

The Economic Center in Vavuniya is nearing completion and by December this year, it will be in a position to commission the public, he added.

It has been planned to prepare an accounting system for every economic center and training officers will be taken in this regard, Secretary of the Ministry Renuka Ekanayake said.