Nov 08, 2017 admin
Huawei 'Seeds for the Future' for the second consecutive year
In partnership with Huawei, the Ministry of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure, the international leader in information technology, Seylan for the Future is launching its international community initiative for the second consecutive year.

Under this program, a group of students from Sri Lanka held an educational tour of China for the first time last year.

Ten students from Sri Lanka's universities will be on a Chinese tour under the full sponsorship scholarship scheme of Huawei at a ceremony organized to uplift the local telecommunications sector. During this educational tour, this student group will be able to study IT and Chinese culture.

The study tour will take place from November 4 to November 18 at the Beijing International Airport in Beijing on the first week of Beijing and the Chinese culture of letters and patterns and Chinese culture.

Later, these students will be provided with state-of-the-art telecommunication science laboratories at Huawei Headquarters in China. They will be offered 5G, Cloud Computing, and the world's most advanced IT-based technologies.
Huawei is taking the initiative to sponsor this educational tour in order to get the youth of Sri Lanka especially in the IT field. It is expected to make the digital infrastructure of Sri Lanka an economically advantageous process. Huawei has launched the introduction of state-of-the-art technology and enhanced customer solutions by introducing the latest Huawei Centers of Technology to Sri Lanka.

Speaking about the Huawei community service program, Harin Fernando, Minister of Telecommunication and Digital infrastructure, commented that the Seeds for the Future could be considered as one of the Huawei products for Sri Lanka's IT industry. Students who submitted last year under this program have achieved their successful results The Minister pointed out that females, Navy. He said that the students had a better understanding of the world's highest technology, talents, and the latest technology needed for Sri Lanka. Huawei is committed to uplift the local communities, universities, students and Sri Lankan Information Technology, the minister said.
Huawei launched the 'Community Services Program' in 2008, with the dedication of providing IT knowledge to Huawei Infantry in order to empower the youth of Sri Lanka. These activities helped to enhance the IT knowledge of the youth of the country, which also benefited the local IT industry.

China's Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Mr. Yi Ziyanliyan explained the need for a program such as Sri Lanka. He said that Sri Lanka and China have a longstanding relationship with the past. He further stated that this partnership is appreciating the services rendered by the world's leading Chinese company Huawei to provide IT support for the future of Sri Lanka.

The Chinese ambassador stressed that the Chinese ambassador will be able to make a great service in the future through the technical knowledge obtained through the acquisition of technical knowledge while enjoying Chinese culture.

Huawei Sri Lanka Chief Executive Officer Shundley Wuong said in launching the second stage of his community service program that almost every industry has a prominent position in IT. In such a case, the international leaders, Huawei's various countries, have actively contributed to the long-term goal of achieving economic, social and environmental sustainability. During this year, 10 Sri Lankan university students will be applying for international IT experience and will improve their knowledge.

Huawei is a global leader in networking, commerce, consumer and cloud computing. Huawei provides products and services to over 170 countries around the world. That amount is one third of the world's population. Huawei, which started operations in 2005, currently accounts for 70% of the population, while working with Sri Lankan telephone operators.