Nov 02, 2017 admin
Sampath Bank is a unique service for small and medium entrepreneurs
Sampath Bank and the Web E-commerce service join hands to offer their products and services to the small and medium scale facility owners online. This will enable more than 250,000 Sampath card holders to make easy payment via the WebEXP Internet Service.

With the aim of becoming the hub in Sri Lanka and the Asia-Pacific region, the WEBEXP Internet Service has already attracted over 700 merchant outlets to meet customer needs.
We believe that the SME and the SME Factories are a key player in Sri Lanka's economy. We work with various businesses as reliable economic partners throughout the country. We will be able to further expand our services with the help of the 'WebbSpee'.

"We are delighted that our cardholders have the opportunity to take advantage of the convenience of using the Webb Service Packet online service to make their products and services easy-to-use," said Kusal de Silva, Head of Bank Card Operations and Banking Operations Head of Sampath Bank PLC.
"We have been able to provide a high-quality commercial service by creating a low-cost, cost effective Internet-based environment for our customers and service providers.

Further, we are confident that we will be able to partner with Sampath Bank to further extend our roles and support to small and medium scale industrial owners.

With Sampath Bank, our vision is to transform Sri Lanka's image to a changing place, "said Omar Zaib, founder and CEO of Webbes.

"We sincerely grateful to them for choosing Sampath Bank as their partners to further strengthen the expected change in the expected expectation," Omarbeb said.