Sep 14, 2017 admin
Singer launches new GEO Smart Cold Storage
Singer Sri Lanka, the market leader in consumer durables, introduced the Singer to the GEO Smart, This GEO Smart fridge has been introduced to the market as the most efficient and energy-efficient refrigerator in Asia.

This new GEO Smart chiller has been further developed by Singer in 2003, further enhancing GEO's refrigerating technology. The 100% environmentally friendly refrigerator, GEO Smart, offers a refrigerated R600a. And it's also a great 50% energy saving.
Singer GEO Smart Furnitures is the latest in Smart Technology and features a range of features that include fresh energy and energy saving. At the same time, the temperature difference between the room and the fridge is the same as the outside temperature of the fridge, and the temperature is automatically adjusted to the temperature of the refrigerator, as well as the automatic method of capacitance, which does not damage the compressor of the fridge, as well as the lack of electricity in the refrigerator. Method and Methods The refrigerator consists of a number of techniques, including active hot plate control.

Introduced in 2013, Singer introduced the first refrigerator to the country's GEO range, the R600a gas refrigerators. R600a gas technology is 100% environmentally friendly and HFC's refrigerators will reduce the damage to the ozone layer and reduce environmental damage such as global warming. According to the Montreal Protocol for the Protection of the Environment, by the year 2040, it is mandatory to use the R600a gas technology. Singer has introduced this global environment two decades ago and has introduced R600a gas-fired fridges. All promotions were done by emphasizing the specialty and benefits of the R600a gas technology. Furthermore, the R134a range of refrigerators was abandoned by Singer and completely switched to R600a refrigerators.
Speaking at the launch of the new Singer GEO Smart Cold Storage, Singer Sri Lanka Marketing Director Kumar Samarasinghe said, "Singer's GEO refrigerators have been selling very well since the introduction of 2013 and have sold more than 500,000 units since then. Singer's GEO Smart fridge, energy saving and smart technology, are built on the needs of the current consumer and the latest in the changing field of the refrigerator. Mr. Samarasinghe further said that as a result of long years of research and development, a modern, efficient refrigerator can be introduced. In fact, this new Singer brand GEO Smart is very popular in Sri Lanka. "

Singer Sri Lanka is the market leader in the global market for Beko, Huawei, Dell, Moulinex, Tefal, Singer, Sisil, Samsung, Hitachi, TCL, Sony, Sharp, Whirlpool and Mitsubishi. Singer has been selling these products through its over 420 sales outlet and over 2800 sales outlets across the country, along with after-sales service. Customers can enjoy many benefits such as interest free lending, special discounts, promotional offers, and special offers for credit cards.
The refrigerator is equipped with a low maintenance device for use during the lifetime, with a bright LED bulb system and a long lifetime of energy saving. The local product, the Singer GEO Smart, is manufactured at the Regnis Factory. These new Singer products are available at the Singer range of Singer's GEOGRAPHY free marketplaces with a 10 year Singer warranty. These types of Inger, No Frost and Direct Cool are available in six models, which can be purchased at the GEO Smart. The Singer GEO Smart offers a maximum capacity of 240 liters.