Sep 12, 2017 admin
Launches new Huawei Y7 in Sri Lanka
Huawei Y7 introduces Huawei Y's latest smartphones The Huawei Y7 is a high-performance smartphones with a host of sophisticated features. The latest Huawei Y7 smartphones have been built up by keeping the phone smart and long-lasting, while protecting the privacy of users. The smartphone features the latest appearance and Smart Power Saving Technology with a 4000mAh battery, high quality camera, and a long range of features.

Commenting on the launch, Ruwan Gamage, Marketing Manager, Huawei Sri Lanka, said: "The latest Huawei Y7 includes all the features of the Sri Lankan smartphone. Huawei Y7 features a sleek and lifelike lifestyle that enriches your daily lives.
The 4000mAh battery and Huawei Smart Power Zwagon technology allow for a long time to keep the smartphone active. This lets you enjoy music for hours and play video games. The Huawei Y7 is a speedy and fast-moving processor with the Qualcomm Octa-Core processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB ROM.

The Huawei Y7's 12MP rear camera and an 8MP F2.0 front camera make crisp photos.

The Black and White range of the Huawei Y7 smartphone can be bought at Rs. 25,900 from Singer Sri Lanka outlets and Huawei Centers across the country.

According to Brand Finance, according to 2016, Huawei is ranked 47th among the 100 best 100 brands in the world. Also, Interbrand's rankings rank Huawei as the top-ranked 70th rank among the world's top brands. Huawei has also been identified as one of Sri Lanka's leading smartphones brands with the widest market share of GfK.
The Huawei Y7 smartphone is designed to be handheld in any situation. It has a slightly curved shape, with a new look. The metallically-endowed Huawei Y7 smartphone features a 5.5 "wide HD screen. It also boasts spectacular colors and graphics viewing capabilities. The Huawei Y7 smartphone is a fitting exquisite choice for all kinds of sports, videos, and photography.