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Commercial Bank is Sri Lanka's Most Responsible Bank
The Commercial Bank has been selected by Sri Lanka's Most Responsible Bank, as the world's leading print and online media reporter, Capital Finance International (, which reports economic and financial info.

The Bank's special recognition has been attributed to the Bank's contribution in enhancing green finance for large-scale renewable energy projects in Sri Lanka's Green Power capacity.

In addition, the Bank's desire to invest in Sri Lanka's tourism, health and infrastructure projects has also been recognized as the 'Most Responsible Bank of the Year' in 2017.
The prestigious 'Capital Finance International' award recognizes individuals and institutions that contribute more to the economies and add more value to all stakeholders. Capital Finance International is recognized as one of the world's leading financial news reporting magazines, honored by other experts and encouraged by other world leaders to enhance their performance.

This magazine is of particular interest for small companies that have not received international attention to date, but contribute to global growth.
The Bank has won over 2200 ATMs and ATMs in Sri Lanka in 2016 and 2017 by receiving a total of 695 ATMs and 256 bank branches in Sri Lanka. The Bank was selected the Best Bank in Sri Lanka by the Global Finance Company based in the United States at the beginning of the year, while Commercial Bank selected AsiaiNys the Best Local Bank and Best Digital Bank in Sri Lanka. The Bank has been adjudged Best Bank in Sri Lanka by Finance Asia and at the very first SLT Zero One Awards held by Sri Lanka Telecom, the Bank's website was adjudged the Best Websites in Sri Lanka's Financial Sector Segment. Commercial Bank is the only Sri Lankan bank to be ranked 7th in the world's Top 1,000 Banks and has won both Best Bank of the Year Award and Best Innovation in Retail Banking in 2017 from International Bank of Hong Kong.

It operates 19 Branches in Bangladesh in the context of the Commercial Bank's overseas operations. It maintains a representative office in Yangon, Myanmar. In September, the Commercial Bank launched a one-stop bank with a 55% stake in the Maldives. Meanwhile, in November 2016, the bank launched its own money remittance service in Italy.
Commercial Bank's strong approach to accountability and responsible banking has been recognized by the Capital Finance International Panel of Judges and commended its pioneering role in this regard. Commercial Bank is the first to join the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), a UN-sponsored program to promote sustainable and socially responsible policies.

Commercial Bank Managing Director Jegan Durairatnam said "The Commercial Bank of Ceylon is proud to have built a business model that fulfills the expectations of all stakeholders while maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility." "This award demonstrates that we are doing business not only for our customers but also for our country."