July 25, 2017 admin
NOLIMIT is once again among the top 25 companies in the country
The evaluation was carried out by a 'trusted survey survey' compiled by Great Place to Work® to gauge the confidence, self-esteem and support of staff members of a company for their place of work and employment. This survey measures the three factors that make up the people they work for, the confidence in their decisions, the co-operation among other staff members they work with and the self-esteem of their job. In addition to five five-way directions developed by Great Place to Work®, it is significant that five members of staff have their experience in evaluating the experience of their members.

"We are humbly proud of being able to be ranked among the top 25 hires in Sri Lanka, because we are constantly focusing on the work of a culturally diverse workforce, and we have been able to recruit full-time staff members in the job market It is an institution that does not focus on the welfare of the members of the staff Assessment we are now famous in the country. We believe that through the commitment they have built up in the results of this study were further confirmed, "said Human Resources Manager NOLIMIT Institute Mohammed Rizwan said.
NOLIMIT, the leading fashion resort in Sri Lanka, has been adjudged the second best Sri Lankan company in the country for the second consecutive year by Great Place to Work®. The survey was conducted in collaboration with the LMD Business Journal and the Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce. Out of the 31,000 staff members representing 16 companies representing 16 different sectors, 18,800 members participated in the survey. The globally implemented survey is conducted by 57 countries across the world, and this is the largest survey of its kind. This time it was in Sri Lanka for the fifth consecutive time.
NOLIMIT follows a number of unique human resource management strategies to maintain the satisfaction of the staff members. NOLIMIT has taken steps to train them to work together to deliver a level of service that exceeds the level of service required by the customer. NOLIMIT is also prominent in the promotion of local brands by winning the hearts of the loyal customers. "We have been a pioneer in delivering a high quality shopping experience for over two decades, and our staff members should honor the achievements of our stores," said Amad Hassan, General Manager, NOLIMIT.

NOLIMIT also won the Brand Excellence Award for Brand Excellence and Marketing Excellence as well as the Merit Certificate for the CMO Asia Marketing Marketing Promotion Award. The company which commenced operations 25 years ago has 20 outlets island-wide. NOLIMIT is its main brand and it also has a dedicated Y PAYMORE outlet for customers who focus on the PALLU fashion and money for the Glitz store, Shalwar and Sari. NOLIMIT is one of the largest fashion stores in the country with a 1,800 staff member and a 325,000 square foot shopping environment.