July 22, 2017 admin
People's Bank is among the Top 1000 Banks of the World
People's Bank ranked among the Top 1,000 Banks of the World According to the UK's The Banker 2017 magazine. The strength, stability and reliability of People's Bank, the country's largest bank, not only locally but globally, is amongst the top 1000 banks in the world.

The UK's The Banker Magazine is the world's premier banking and finance publication. Since 1970, this magazine has set the criteria and criteria for the world's leading 1,000 banks. The Banker data consists of Data Entry Data and Executive Contacts data, which sets its rankings and performance standards in the banking industry.

People's Bank assets are now stands at Rs. 1.4 trillion. Over 735 Peoples Bank branches around the country. There are over 3,155 network ATMs with day and night fax service. The total number of customer contacts is over 16 million, the largest customer base for a commercial bank in Sri Lanka.
Currently, all branches of the People's Bank network are connected to the same network, with the aim of providing a more efficient banking service in line with modern technology. In addition, an online mobile banking service with ATMs and ATMs has been extended throughout the country to provide banking facilities from any location.

People's Bank has also been offering its customers a range of innovative banking experiences, such as Mobile Banking, People's Petwis and People's Palm. By connecting Dialog, Mobitel and Etisalat mobile networks, the People's Mobile Banking service allows customers to transfer money and settle bills without any bank link to the Bank branch. Internet banking can also be accessed via the People's Net website.
The Bank also introduced the concept of Green Banking to the Sri Lankan youth, expanding the horizons of banking in the country and prioritizing the
digital banking industry. As one of these initiatives, the Bank has introduced self-banking units through cash withdrawals, cash deposits and billing schemes, modern ATMs and bill payment machines, which can be accessed through the Bank's seven-day, 7-day, 24-hour hotline.

As a company that is dedicated to sustainable corporate social responsibility, People's Bank is implementing a policy of "Peoples Green Pulse", the official environmental sustainability model, by developing its own prospects for a green future. The Bank's objective is to provide convenient and innovative digital banking services, add value to their lives, ensure the credibility and prosperity of the prosperous Sri Lankan bank.
From the inception, People's Bank enriched them with banking facilities to suit all age groups and customers across the board and provided them with banking facilities. The farmers, farmers, small and medium scale entrepreneurs, farmers Different loan schemes were conferred.

In addition, the Bank's Corporate Banking Division provides banking services to corporate customers, providing financial support and consultancy services to corporate clients in international markets by contacting 900 subscribers in 103 countries across the world.