June 27, 2017 admin
Wuerth "WOW! Coolius2700 "car air conditioning technology to Sri Lanka
"WOW! Coolius2700 "automatic air conditioning system performance test to use, refrijaran? (refrigerant) recycling, email refrijarn? use technology and air-conditioning system to measure the amount of oil discharged, full air conditioning system of abstract, oil lubrike?in car- to email technology, gas UV dye to the equation (According to size) and refrigeration (weight) input is a revolutionary product that makes it easy and efficient to carry out tasks.

"We are proud of Wurth Lanka being able to offer the highest level of product range offered by the car. "WOW! Coolius2700 "is a state-of-the-art system for maintaining the A / C's air conditioning system. "WOW! Coolius2700 "Now the car air-conditioning system can be implemented without efficient manner bugs' Worth Lanka Managing Director Rohan amrtayiya said.
Wurth Lanka, a subsidiary of Germany's Wurth GmbH, has launched a new revolution in the car air conditioning industry: "WOW! Coolius2700 "technology to Sri Lanka. "WOW!" Powered by a Micro Processor Coolius2700 "The system for automobile air conditioning is a state-of-the-art system, which is designed to test the car's air conditionings quickly and efficiently, and to detect problems.
"" And WOW! Coolius2700 is an eco-friendly product. The car air conditioning system repair and maintenance of the rule through the square refrijaran? harmful greenhouse gases in the environment, mostly. Usually, we check the vehicle's air condition if only a problem arises. But the air conditioning system needs to be periodically checked, like any other machine. When problems arise, they do not need to be treated at a high cost. "WOW! Coolius2700 is "an important and useful product," he added.